VIGEF is committed to upholding the following principles in all aspects of its work:

  • Operating on medium and long-term (3-10 years) strategies that contribute to achieving the national education goals and addressing the needs/aspirations of various stakeholders in the education sector;
  • Keeping all activities public/transparent and inspected/supervised by competent authorities and sponsors/contributors;
  • Enabling a transparent, competitive, equitable, fair and results-based selection process for financing/supporting educational renovation initiatives;
  • Ensuring agile management methods for each operational model or support mechanism with a results-based monitoring and evaluation system in place.


  1.  Renovation in teaching-learning methods and student assessment;
  2.  School management innovations;
  3.  Value education and skills development for students;
  4.  STEM/STEAM education, which caters for the needs of local socio-economic development;
  5. Replication/dissemination of locally appropriate teaching and learning models and initiatives.