Along with the initial investment of founding members, VIGEF has committed to mobilizing sources of knowledge, technology and finance from donors and technical organizations/agencies and using this source to sponsor and support for educational innovation activities in Vietnam. VIGEF needs to mobilize financial resources as follows:

  • Giai đo Period from July 2019 to December 2022: USD 2.2 million

During this period, VIGEF plans to increase capital scope compared with the first year, equivalent with implementation of activities/projects/initiatives initiated or experimentedin the first year.

  • Period from January 2023 to December 2027: USD 12 million

This period is expected to witness strong implementation of activities in both scale and quantity thanks to the achievements from the previous periods (experience in all aspects from management, capital mobilization, communication, monitoring and evaluation), etc as well as the improvement in competencies of the staff)

  • Period from January 2028 onwards: The foundation’s operating scale will be adjusted based on the reality and prospects of Vietnam’s general education development at that stage.