VIGEF specifies that the overall objective of Framework of Strategic Operation 2019-2022 will be included in the international community’s commitment to ensure educational  equality, inclusion and quality to 2030 as well as determination of the Party, the National Assembly and the Government of Vietnam regarding general education innovation, specifically:

  • Sustainable Development Goal No.4: “Ensure high quality, comprehensive, equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”;
  • Resolution 29-NQ/TW dated November 4th, 2013 of the 8th Plenum of the 11th Party Central Commitee on fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education and training to meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization in socialist-oriented market economy and international integration: “Developing comprehensively and promoting the best potentials and creative abilities of each individual”; “Strongly transforming the education process from mainly equipped with knowledge to comprehensive development of both capacity and quality of learners”; “Strongly transforming from educational management embedded with heavy administrative management to focus on quality management”; “Proactively integrating into international education, etc, preserving and promoting the cultural values of the nation, acquiring selective cultural quintessence, scientific and technological achievements of humanity”; “Compiling textbooks, teaching and learning support materials suitable for each object, paying attention to ethnic minority students and students with disabilities”;
  • Resolution No.88/2014/QH13 dated November 28, 2014 on renovating curriculum, general education textbooks, contributing to fundamental and comprehensive innovation of education and training: “Renovating the curriculum, general education textbooks aims to create fundamental and comprehensive changes regarding quality and efficiency of general education; combining teaching literacy, people and career orientation; contributing to transform the education of knowledge to comprehensive development of education in terms of both quality and capacity, harmonizing virtue, mind, body, beauty and promoting the best potential of each student”; “Prioritizing investment for mountainous, island and ethnic minority regions and areas with disadvantaged and particularly disadvantaged socio-economic conditions to ensure minimum conditions to implementing general education textbooks and curriculums renovation”;
  • Decision No.622/QD-TTg dated May 10th, 2017 of the Prime Minister on promulgating the National Action Plan to implement the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030: “Mobilizing social resources for implement sustainable development goals. In developing annual socio-economic development plans of all levels, along with capital from the State budget, paying attention to mobilize other social resources, especially from the business sector and private sector for implementing sustainable development goals”; “Mobilizing and using effectively international resources for implementing sustainable development goals of Vietnam.”