Nguyễn Vinh Hiển, Chủ tịch Hội đồng quản lý Quỹ, Nguyên thứ trưởng Bộ Giáo dục và Đào tạo
Nguyen Vinh Hien
Chairperson of Management Board,
Former Vice- Minister of Education and Training

The Vietnam Innovation of General Education Foundation (VIGEF) has been initiated right at the time   when Vietnamese education is moving from quantity- to quality-focused approach, from knowledge provision to comprehensive development, thus promoting the best potential and creativity of each individual, as required by the Resolution No.29 of the Party Central Committee on Fundamental and Comprehensive Education Reform. It coincides with the point when the current Vietnam’s Education Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) 2011-2020 is about to end, and the new ESDP for 2021-2030 is under preparation. Also, the new general education curriculum, which focuses on student’s activities to develop their competence, was introduced by the MOET and are now ready for application  

This is the context inspiring for VIGEF’s activities, starting with the development of this Strategic Framework 2019-2022, which will be further refined for the subsequent phases. VIGEF presents its complements to all local and international entities and individuals who have been and will be interested in, supporting and cooperating in all VIGEF’s movements and dedication for the cause of Vietnam’s education renovation. We also welcome all your comments/opinions on how to make VIGEF’s activities increasingly expanded and effective in order to meet your expectations of educational renovation and development for Vietnam.