Nguyen Vinh Hien
Chairman of Management Council
Former Deputy Minister of Education and Training
Vietnam Innovation of General Education Foundation (VIGEF) was established  when Vietnam Education is moving focus from expanding quantity to improving quality, from focusing on knowledge to comprehensive development, promoting the best potential and creative capacity of each individual as required by Resolution No.29 of the Party Central Committee on fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education and training. This is the last year that Vietnam Education sector implements the Education development strategy in 2011-2020 period while the new strategy for Education development in 2021-2030 period is being built. The new general education curriculum oriented by student capacity development has been promulgated and deployed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

This is the context inspiring for VIGEF’s activities, starting with establishment of the framework of strategic operation 2019-2022 and continuing to be adapted for the next stage. VIGEF would like to thank the domestic and foreign units and individuals who have been and will be interested in, supporting and cooperating on each step of development, growth and dedication of VIGEF for Vietnam education innovation career. Concurrently, we also would like to thank all your contribution for all aspects of VIGEF’s activities to be more and more expansive and effective to meet your expectations of educational innovation and development for Vietnam. .