Mr. Nguyen Vinh Hien, Chairperson

He is the former Vice-Minister of Education and Training and former Director of Hai Duong DoET.

As the Vice-Minister of Education and Training, he was in charge of general education, teacher training institutions and National Institute for Educational Management (NIEM). He was responsible for the direct management of programs and projects in the fields of activities as assigned by the Minister.        

He made a great contribution to the introduction of national policies on general education renovation, which laid a good foundation and start for the promulgation of after-2015 general education curricula.

Mr. Dang Tu An, Vice-Chairperson cum Manager

During his working period at local levels, he participated in providing professional guidance within DoET and then became the Principal of a Gifted School, which involved both lower and upper secondary levels. His then school was responsible for identifying and fostering excellent and gifted students.

During his time at the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) as Deputy Director of the Primary Education Department, he directly involved in the management of activities related to the implementation of the after-2000 New Curriculum and Textbooks; and made great contributions to the establishment of many national standard primary schools nationwide and effective implementation of UNICEF-funded Project for disadvantaged children.

As the Director of the Primary Education Department and Manager of the Primary Education for Disadvantaged Children Project (PEDC), he successfully completed the assigned tasks. PEDC was the largest project of the MoET with a total budget of US$ 243.7 million (of which US$ 61.6 million was provided as grants by the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Norway). This project aimed to improve the quality of primary education for disadvantaged students in 44 out of 63 provinces nationwide.

In the role of Senior Consultant and Chief Advisor of GPE-VNEN Project, he contributed to converting traditional schools into innovative ones, which worked towards competency-based development of students’ all-round qualities. The GPE-VNEN Project received a grant of US$ 84.6 million from GPE and reached 4,800 primary schools (i.e. 32% of total number of schools nationwide) and 1,500 lower secondary schools (i.e. 14% of total number of schools nationwide).

Pham Vu Thanh Giang, Vice-Chairperson cum Head of Supervisory Committee

She is a member of the Board of Directors of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) and General Director of Mekong Capital (MEKONGCAP)

As the General Director, Pham Vu Thanh Giang is a leading expert of the investment advisory team in Ho Chi Minh City, and trainer of other members in the investment advisory team there.
In charge of Mekong Capital’s investments, Thanh Giang is responsible for ensuring the success of long-term investments at Phu Nhuan Jewelry Company and Vietnam-Australia International School System. Thanh Giang took main responsibilities for successful divestments in ICP and Digiworld. She has also involved in the appraisal of potential investments of funds managed by Mekong Capital. Thanh Giang specializes in companies operating in the fields of branding, distribution, retail and customer experience. She also has experience in participating in all stages of investment including seeking investment opportunities, post-investment added values and divestment.

Thanh Giang has been at Mekong Capital since January 2007, and she is a member of Mekong Capital’s Board of Directors and Internal Investment Advisory Board.