VIGEF is trying to become a professional non-profit foundation, based on domestic and international practices; proactively take advantage of opportunities to mobilize resources from domestic and international sources for the general education innovation in Vietnam; pioneer in promoting and supporting innovation, and creativity in education.


VIGEF was born in the context that Vietnam is innovating education in general and innovating general education in particular towards standardization, modernization, socialization and international integration. The new general education curriculum focusing on student capacity development has been issued but it is facing with many challenges in terms of resources for deployment and rapid and increasing changes of the domestic and international context.

VIGEF aspires to act as a bridge to anticipate new trends, education innovation ideas and connect non-state resources to support Vietnamese general education renovation.

In the next 3 years, VIGEF hopes to create positive and important changes in general education, aa “catalyst” as a unique social foundation authorized by the Government of Vietnam aims to mobilize social resources from domestic and foreign individuals or organizations to support activities related to general education innovation in Vietnam.

Based on the above analysis, VIGEF identifies its objectives in the period of 2019-2022 as follows:

Overall objectives

(1) VIGEF contributes to promoting sustainable, high-quality, equal, comprehensive education with the participationof everyone.

(2) VIGEF supports to improve learning achievements, and develope 21st century skills for students;

(3) VIGEF supports innovation of educational management, improve autonomy, and promote creativity of schools, teachers and students;

Detailed objectives

(1) VIGEF effectively supports knowledge, technology and finance based on clear criteria, transparency and outcomes for Vietnamese education innovation activities and initiatives; (2) VVIGEF contributes to effectively implementing the new education curriculum by supporting the implementation, organization and operation of Vietnamese general schools: Autonomous and Innovative Vietnam New Schools (VINES) consists of 05 basic elements: (i) Leadership (Organization and Development; Vision and Mission; Autonomy; Educational results; and Spreading) ; (ii) Teachers (Structure and Qualifications; Educational Methods; Lifelong learning; Adaptability; and Professional Ethics), (iii) Students (Self-regulation; Talent; Skills of the 21th century; Health; and Children’s Rights), (iv) Finance and Facilities (Finance; Building blocks; Hygiene/Environment; Library; and Equipment),(v) Relationships with family and community (Trust; Responsibility; Cooperation; Support and Effectiveness; Information exchange);

(3) VIGEF effectively connects Vietnam management agency, educational institutions and donors (domestic, foreign, public and private areas), partners and stakeholders for the common goal of general education innovation in Vietnam.

(4) VIGEF recommends improving education policy through critical thinking on policy, exchange of knowledge and good experience at the national and local scales.

(5) VIGEF mobilizes and effectively uses resources from donors;